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My Life’s Work: Design Solutions to Build Brands

Thank you for visiting Christian Graphic Solutions, a Maryland start-to-finish logo and branding design service I founded nearly a decade ago to help businesses and nonprofits meet their visual identity goals. I have more than 25 years of experience in designing brand marks, digital and print publications, interior spaces, structures and the like - it's my life's work and I have loved it all.

These days, the public's attention span is shorter than it's ever been, so it's critical to visually present your organization in a way that quickly grabs your audience and communicates your promise. Between time in the corporate world and on my own, I have helped small businesses, mid-size companies, nonprofit organizations and government agencies turn their visual identity liabilities into assets that boost their positioning and sales. Have a look at some of my completed projects for clients I've served.

It's my pleasure to project-manage everything that goes into building your brand - design, printing, manufacturing, marketing and more - so you don't have to. I do it all with a personal touch you won't find from larger agencies. Click below to contact me, and I look forward to helping your organization meet its visual identity needs!



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